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Free May 27-29th -- Beach Living: 7 Popular Reasons People Move To The Beach

Happy Memorial Day 
It is that time of year again, the kickoff of summer activities. What says summertime more than the beach? If you can't be on the beach, the next best thing is reading about it. Today, we are offering our popular Beach Living Book for Free.

Author:  Anna Seeger

Title:  Beach Living: 7 Popular Reasons People Move To The Beach

Format: For use on any device or computer
(This is a Kindle book, but you can access it on any other format using one of the free Amazon reading apps or the free Amazon cloud reader.)


Genres: Non-Fiction, Travel, Adventure, Inspirational

Millions plan their summer vacations at sunny beach destinations. However, coastal living is an entirely different matter. I have always dreamed of what beach life would be like for a permanent resident. Approaching the big 50, I decided it was now or never.

I started researching beaches. I thought anything is possible. So I started looking at coastal towns primarily in the United States. I was actually looking for the best beach towns to live in. It was so exciting. It was hard to narrow it down, but I finally developed a list of the best coastal cities. I was looking at my computer screen making sounds as if I was eating a box of chocolates. The ooh...awe, oh my, this is my favorite, oh isn't this beautiful became common sounds.

I found there are many reasons for people moving to the coast. It isn't always just to swim in the water, walk on the beach, snorkel or to simply listen to the waves crashing against the shore. I knew that I had enjoyed many of these activities when I visited the beach, but I never realized that these and other different beachfront activities were some of the primary reasons others wanted to relocate to a beach town.

I found 7 main reasons people love about living at the beach. They are as follows:

(1) Beachcombers - Includes those laid back people that just want to walk along the beach, smell the ocean air and pick up the sea shells. For these folks, there are many beach towns that would do the do the trick.

(2) Water Lovers - Kayakers, kiteboarders, snorkelers, scuba divers - active water enthusiasts. Not every beach town lends itself to these particular activities, but you could get a good list from researching for best Florida beach towns or maybe even best California beach towns.

(3) Boating Group - Like to ride the ocean waves by sail, paddle, or motor, Where is the best beach town to live for this group of enthusiasts?

(4) Fishing Enthusiasts - People that love to fish the seas and shorelines. This list could include best coastal cities and small coastal towns.

(5) Nature Lovers - Folks that enjoy seaside birds, animals and critters that emerge from the sand. When you move to the beach, you should know that some towns have beaches that really lend themselves to enjoying mother nature.

(6) Lovers of Culture - Sophisticates that enjoy the arts with an ocean view. If you are lover of culture, then you probably won't be looking at the most affordable beach towns, but will rather be compiling your list from some of the best coastal cities that have ample opportunity to enjoy the arts.

(7) Golfing Addicts - Golfers that crave the ultimate golfing experience of Scottish style links against a backdrop of vast blue water. Fortunately, there are many beach communities from small coastal towns to large beach cities that offer beautiful golf courses where you can play with the ocean as part of the permanent scenery.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Northwest Arkansas Travel Guide Announces Its Paperback Version

BENTONVILLE, AR. (PRBuzz) August 8, 2012 -- After the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art opened in Bentonville, tens of thousands began visiting the Northwest corner of the state to see what the new museum, largely funded by Alice Walton the youngest heir of Sam Walton, was like.

Wal-Mart's home office is in Bentonville and it was the main reason people visited the area before, but not today. Now, Crystal Bridges is stealing the show. People are coming from the far corners of the globe to see what this new world-class museum has to offer and while they are in NWA, they naturally want to check out all the other fascinating places to see.

Until the "Northwest Arkansas Travel Guide" was published back in July via Amazon's Kindle (, no travel guide existed to help people get around while they were visiting.

Amazon's Kindle edition is great for people with iPhones, iPads, computers and Kindles, but doesn't help all the other visitors who wanted a real paperback book to carry around with them while visiting NWA.

To satisfy a huge demand, the new paperback version is now available on Amazon . Like the online Kindle version, the new paperback version gives the reader an insider's view of how to get around and what to do.

Written by Anna Seager (, a native of NWA who grew up in Bentonville when Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, was still driving his old red truck around town, the much-needed travel guide covers literally everything you might want to know about this gorgeous corner of the state.

Although Crystal Bridges is located in Bentonville, there are actually five other thriving and interesting towns nearby: Bella Vista, Eureka Springs, Fayetteville, Rogers and Springdale. Each of these Ozark Mountains communities has exciting out-of-the-way places to see and each is covered thoroughly in the new Amazon paperback travel guide.

The new comprehensive guide not only provides the typical information found in most other guides, but it also has a wonderful new section about What The Locals Say. If you've ever been to a new place and wondered where the locals like to eat and where they go for entertainment, you will love this fascinating section, which has colorful information on each town.

In addition to well-known chain restaurants like Mimi's Café, Ruth's Chris Steak House, and China Bistro, you'll find eateries serving up food with unique local flavor. Check out The Pressroom, River Grille Steakhouse, Table Mesa Bistro, The Station Café, Tusk & Trotter and Red Onion Espressoria in Bentonville; Local Flavor, Mud Street Cafe & K.J.'s Caribe in Eureka Springs; Bonefish Grill, Crabby's Seafood and Catfish John's in Rogers; or Common Grounds, Pesto Café, and Greenhouse Grill in Fayetteville.

The area has plenty of hotels to accommodate its massive influx of world travelers including: The new world-class 21c Museum Hotel (under construction and opening soon); Inn At The Mill in Springdale; The Crescent Hotel & Spa in Eureka Springs, and The Inn at Bella Vista in Bella Vista provide even the most particular guest a relaxing and pleasurable stay.

Although Crystal Bridges in Bentonville is the main museum attraction, there are several other museums of note including: the Rogers Historical Museum and Daisy BB Guns/Daisy Airgun Museum in Rogers; Arkansas Air Museum and the University of Arkansas Discovery Zone in Fayetteville; and the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History in Springdale.

Golfers will find many courses to choose from including: Bella Vista's eight courses, and the amazing Pinnacle Country Club course where the LPGA tour was just hosted.

Fayetteville's Dickson Street, Bentonville's Downtown Square, and the Rogers Promenade area are all places to go for exciting and truly unique nightlife.

The area is famous for its world-renowned crafts fairs like the one at War Eagle. Youngsters and adults alike will enjoy Turpentine Creek Wild Life Refuge and the Wild Wilderness Drive Through Safari. Jogging paths and biking trails abound and there is fishing and camping throughout the area. Beaver lake along with many rivers and streams provide world-class fishing.

Everything you would want to know is covered in this new paperback guide. It is clearly marked and easy-to-use. Regardless of what you are looking for whether it is a good local restaurant that serves up delicious seafood, or a jogging trail along a lake, you will find it all here in this brand new paperback version of the "Northwest Arkansas Travel Guide".

No one wants to travel to an area and be stuck for something to do. With this new, truly different, guide as your traveling companion, you'll be able to spend your vacation time doing fun and exciting things instead of spinning your wheels trying to find something interesting to do.

This is the very first Northwest Travel Guide to hit the market, and it is a complete one. The guide gives its user a quick way to scope out the area. It saves you precious time, time that you can used to enjoy your stay.

Lynn West

Friday, July 27, 2012

Thousands Downloaded!!!

Thank you to all who downloaded our book Soothe Your Soul at the Beach! We had over 2500 books downloaded during our promotion. Be sure to enter our free drawing for the $50.00 Amazon gift card. Click Here to enter! Enjoy your book and soothe your soul :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just Released...Soothe Your Soul At The Beach

There is something magical about being at the beach, and most of us go there not knowing really why we come away changed for the better. We just go hoping that the sand and the sea will somehow up lift our spirits so we can return home refreshed, our spirits soaring and ready to resume our everyday lives.

"Soothe Your Soul At The Beach" offers specific ways that will allow you to leave your hectic life behind and reconnect with the person you were really meant to be.

The rhythm of the ocean gently pulls us back to sure sanity and gives us opportunity to internally reconnect with who we really are. Not the person in the fast-paced life, but the person who creates, who laughs, who lives in joy each and every moment of the day.

Here you have essential methods for finding new direction in your life, you can realize a anew what it means to be you, and all from your experience by the sea.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The First & Only Northwest Arkansas Travel Guide Is Now Available!!!

Haven't you ever wondered when using a travel guide what the people who actually live in the area think of it? What restaurants do they frequent, where do they shop, and what are some of their favorite things to do in the place they call home? Where are the places to go that are off the beaten path.

Most visitors would really like to know what is worth seeing and which things to skip, and every single visitor would like to be spared a bad meal at a highly advertised restaurant. What are the things about NWA that make it special to the people who live there day in and day out? That's what our section on "What The Locals Say", tells you.

Many travel guides are as dry as dust, but to give them credit, almost all of them do contain a lot of helpful information. Our Northwest Travel Guide gives you all the helpful information that any guide would have, but it gives you that information in a friendly simple-to-use format.

When you see something that looks inviting, just click on the name and the link will take you right to a page where you can get tons of additional helpful information like hours of operation, specialties and prices if it is a restaurant, amenities and prices if it is a hotel, and so on.

The Northwest Arkansas Travel Guide was put together by people who actually grew up in this wonderful Northwest corner of the state. We've included the insider's scoop so that you can really experience what it means to visit this beautiful part of the Ozarks. You don't have to make do with breakfast at the hotel, when you can eat in one of the really unusual restaurants that only the locals know about.

Everyone will want to visit The Crystal Bridges American Art Museum and probably the Wal-Mart visitors center, but by using the information in this guide, now you can visit and take advantage of the many other wonderful and sometimes colorful experiences unique to NWA.

Use our lively little guide to create a fun experience for yourself and your entire family.